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Fort Collins Uber/Taxi Accident Lawyer

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Uber and Lyft are very popular and provide a significant number of rides to the residents of Fort Collins. However, these common carrier vehicles can be involved in devastating car accidents just as other car on the road can.

If you or someone you love has been involved in a rideshare crash, retain a Fort Collins Uber/taxi accident lawyer to handle the filing of your claim. Determining liability in these situations can be complicated, but a dedicated attorney from Mac Hester Law has the experience necessary to seek the compensation you deserve.

Are Uber Drivers Considered Common Carriers?

A common carrier is any carrier that serves the public, including taxis, rideshare cars, shuttles, private buses, government transit vehicles, and companies that operate light rail lines. Basically, any transporter giving rides to multiple riders is likely to be considered a common carrier.

Common carriers are oftentimes held to a higher standard of care than private passenger vehicles. They legally need to be more careful in the operation of their vehicles or they could be held liable for any accidents they cause. Therefore, the ability to recover damages against common carriers can be less difficult.

Another advantage for plaintiffs filing a claim against an Uber or taxi driver is those common carriers typically have much higher liability insurance coverage, so the injured person is more likely to be able to recover a large part of their damages.

How are Accidents with a Taxi or Uber Driver Different from a Personal Car Crash?

Drivers of private passenger automobiles are usually directly liable as owners of the vehicle if they cause a crash to happen. Car accidents involving Uber or Lyft are different from crashes involving private passenger automobiles because rideshare drivers are considered to be independent contractors and not employees of the companies. Because of that, the legal concepts involved in the cases are different from private passenger automobiles.

Uber and Lyft have different insurance coverage regulations than the laws that private passenger drivers must adhere to, and usually have much higher liability coverage as a result. To pursue a claim against an independent contractor driver, local representatives need to be knowledgeable about the insurance policies that common carriers must-have.

Determining Liability for Damages

In Fort Collins, the responsibility for paying damages to the injured person depends upon the status of the driver at the time. If the Uber or Lyft driver is on a ride and in the process of picking up or driving a passenger, the company can be held legally responsible for the negligence and for paying damages to the injured party through their liability insurance coverage

If the driver was not on a call or driving a passenger when the collision occurred, they will be responsible for the damages in their own individual capacity. Their individual automobile liability insurance coverage would apply and would pay for the injured party’s damages.

Unfortunately, individual persons often have lower liability insurance coverage than Uber and Lyft policies. Because of this, the injured party might not be able to recover all of their damages from the individual’s liability policy and may have to seek compensation from their own insurance company.

Hire a Fort Collins Uber/Taxi Accident Attorney during a Complicated Case

If you were injured by a taxi or rideshare driver, it is important to hire an attorney experienced in these types of cases, because recovering damages in these situations can be complex.

If you or a loved one needs help filing a claim for damages, determining liability, or preparing a case against a governmental entity in a short period of time, reach out to a Fort Collins Uber/taxi accident lawyer at Mac Hester Law. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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