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Fort Collins Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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Filing a motorcycle accident claim in Fort Collins, Colorado | Fort Collins Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Although motorcyclists and drivers of motor vehicles both must follow traffic regulations and reasonably lookout for the safety of others on the roadways, car vs. motorcycle crashes are unfortunately all too common. When drivers fail to notice motorcyclists or share the road with them, catastrophic and even fatal accidents may occur.

If you sustain injuries as a result of the negligence or recklessness of another driver, you may have a claim for compensation against that driver that a qualified personal injury attorney could help you pursue. An experienced Fort Collins motorcycle accident lawyer may be able to assess the circumstances that led to an accident and determine whether you have grounds to pursue financial recovery.

Causes and Effects of Motorcycle Accidents in Fort Collins

Various situations can lead to motorcycle accidents that cause or contribute to severe and often catastrophic injuries to motorcycle riders, but perhaps most common among them are other drivers being inattentive or reckless. Cars pulling in front of, following too closely, or sideswiping a motorcycle can easily cause a wreck that leads to significant injuries and losses.

Likewise, drivers who are impaired by the consumption of alcohol or drugs, speeding, violating other traffic laws, or distracted by their cell phones or other electronic devices are at high risk of causing an accident. In some cases, even product defects and road defects may lead to specific types of lawsuits if they result in accidents involving injuries.

Someone found legally negligent in causing a crash may be held liable for the damages of any injuries that result. Once retained, a Fort Collins motorcycle accident attorney could help an injured rider seek compensation for medical bills, bike repairs, lost wages, and potentially more depending on the specific circumstances of their case.

Seeking Compensation After a Crash

All drivers owe a legal duty to others on the road with them—including motorcyclists—to keep them reasonably safe. When drivers behave in a way that does not live up to the standard that a reasonable driver would exhibit in a similar situation, they may be liable for the damages of any accidents that ensue.

In some cases, however, motorcyclists may bear some fault for an accident in which they suffer injuries. Fortunately, these injury victims still may be able to recover from other negligent parties if those parties are found to bear a greater percentage of fault for the accident than the plaintiff.

Under Colorado law, any damage award that a partially liable plaintiff receives would be decreased according to the percentage of fault attributable to them. Since determining liability among multiple parties is not always an easy task, relying on the skills and experience of a motorcycle wreck lawyer in Fort Collins may be wise.

Look to a Fort Collins Motorcycle Accident Attorney for Advice

Attorney Mac Hester grew up riding dirt bikes on his family’s farm, and he currently rides a Triumph Bonneville T100. Mac loves to ride, and he knows firsthand how careless, inattentive, and preoccupied drivers of cars and trucks can be. Rest assured, he will vigorously pursue your motorcycle accident claim.

All too often, insurance companies assume that motorcyclists are to blame for their severe injuries, which can lead to low settlement offers or a complete denial of a claim. Getting legal representation in this situation can be a necessary step in recovering the full amount of compensation that you need and deserve. Rather than trying to manage your personal injury claim and negotiate with large insurance companies alone, call an experienced Fort Collins motorcycle accident lawyer today.

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