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Fort Collins Burn Injury Lawyer

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No matter the cause, severe burns are often debilitating and may require extensive medical treatment. In many cases, individuals suffer permanent scarring, disfigurement, and other severe damages that could prevent a return to their prior way of living. If someone else’s negligence led to dangerous burns, a Fort Collins burn injury lawyer could help you seek justice and compensation for your damages. A personal injury lawyer could evaluate your accident and determine whether you can pursue a claim for damages against other parties, even if you are partially at fault.

Burn Injury Claims in Fort Collins

Burn injuries can range from relatively mild to life-threatening. Symptoms of serious burns often include blisters, inflamed skin, and excessive pain. When burns warrant emergency treatment, the affected skin may appear white, colorless, black, or green, and bone or tissue may even be exposed.

Burns severity ranges from first-degree burns to fourth-degree burns.

  • First degree burns are minor burns affecting only the outermost layer of skin, such as sunburns
  • Second-degree burns are still minor burns but may include blistering, swelling, and very red skin
  • Third-degree burns penetrate all layers of skin, which causes permanent tissue damage and skin to turn black or white
  • Fourth-degree burns are the most severe burns that may lead to amputation and even death

Although first and second degree burns rarely require much treatment, third and fourth-degree burns may result in extensive surgeries, skin grafts, or amputation of limbs. Individuals are likely to experience extreme pain, scarring, and disfigurement due to these burns. A burn injury lawyer in Fort Collins may be able to advocate on behalf of injury victims to get the compensation needed to assist with treating their injuries and reconstructive surgery.

Measuring Negligence in Burn Injury Claims

Negligence refers to careless or reckless behaviors that pose an unreasonable risk of harm to others. Both individuals and entities may be liable as negligent parties to a personal injury suit. Some common examples of negligence that might lead to a burn injury claim may include:

  • A speeding and reckless driver causes a car accident that results in the victim suffering burn injuries when the car catches on fire
  • A defective product explodes and causes burns
  • A preventable workplace accident results in chemical burns to an employee
  • Fires in homes, apartments, hotels, offices, and other buildings caused by defective wiring or defective appliances or equipment
  • Excessive water temperature or inadequate temperature regulation in baths and showers

Parties such as drivers and product manufacturers must keep others reasonably safe from foreseeable harm. If they violate that duty, there may be a valid personal injury claim. A burn injury attorney in Fort Collins could help establish negligence on behalf of injury victims and seek compensation for their losses.

Consult a Fort Collins Burn Injury Attorney for Advice

When you or a loved one sustain burn injuries due to the negligent or reckless actions or conduct of others, you deserve justice. Available damages might include medical expenses, permanent or temporary disability, lost income, physical pain and suffering, and emotional trauma. Talking with a Fort Collins burn injury lawyer could help you pursue the compensation you need.

Dealing with insurance companies is not easy and negotiating while undergoing surgeries and other painful treatment measures is even harder. While you concentrate on your physical and mental recovery, your legal counsel could work toward getting you a fair damages award. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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