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Fort Collins Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

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Fort Collins Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

While there is no single definition of catastrophic injury, most catastrophic injuries are severe and permanent injuries that cause substantial impairment. Complete recovery from catastrophic injuries often is impossible, as the injuries may prevent individuals from returning to work or completing their regular tasks. A Fort Collins catastrophic injury lawyer could assess whether your injuries could lead to a valid claim for compensation.

In most cases, filing a personal injury claim is an option only if others were negligent or reckless, causing the accident that led to injuries. With the help of an experienced personal injury attorney, you could pursue justice for your damages, and compensation for everything you have lost.

What Kinds of Injuries are Consider Catastrophic?

Catastrophic injury claims typically result from negligent or reckless conduct that causes accidents. The injuries from these accidents are irreversible, devastating, and substantially disabling. In most cases, catastrophic injuries prevent individuals from carrying out the basic activities of daily living.

Traumatic brain injuries may impair memory and concentration, heighten sensitivity to light and sound, and even result in paralysis or coma. Amputees may physically be unable to live without assistance or require substantial changes to their home and workplace to simply live day to day. Victims of spinal cord injuries may be unable to work at all, losing all future income while having the cost of living on top of often crushing medical bills. Getting the advice of a catastrophic injury lawyer in Fort Collins in this situation to address the potential for a personal injury claim may be wise.

Negligence and Fort Collins Catastrophic Injury Cases

Negligence is the basis for most catastrophic injury claims. To prove that individuals were negligent, injury victims must provide evidence that the conduct of these individuals fell below the appropriate standard of care that any other reasonable individual wouldhave exercised.

To prove negligence, defendants must owe legal duty to injury victims and have breached that duty. All drivers have a duty to use the roads safely and prevent injury to other people. If a breach of legal duty leads to injuries, the responsible drivers may have been negligent.

What are the Time Limits in a Catastrophic Injury Claim?

In Fort Collins, injury victims must file all auto accident personal injury actions within three years of the incident. For all other personal injury actions based on negligence, the statute of limitations grants two years from the negligent action. By hiring an attorney, defendants could ensure that there are no changes in deadlines or time restrictions based on their particular circumstances.

Missing the deadline to file suit could result in the dismissal of personal injury claims. Consulting a catastrophic injury attorney in Fort Collins right away could be instrumental in meeting the relevant statute of limitations.

Call a Fort Collins Catastrophic Injury Attorney Today

Catastrophic injuries often are life-altering. They are likely to result in significant medical bills, an inability to work, and difficulties with daily living. In these cases, a Fort Collins catastrophic injury lawyer may be able to help.

Damages in a personal injury claim may include compensation for medical expenses, loss of income from an ability to work, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and physical impairment. Contact Mac Hester Law today to schedule a consultation on your case and start pursuing the justice you deserve, and the compensation you need.

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