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Fort Collins Slip and Fall Lawyer

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A slip and fall or trip and fall accident may result in more severe injuries than you might expect. When the dangerous condition of the property led to your slip and fall, you may be able to recover damages from the landowners to pay for the costs of your injuries. A Fort Collins slip and fall lawyer can assess your situation and explore your options for legal recourse against responsible parties through a personal injury claim.

Slip and falls can lead to broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and neck and back injuries in some cases, especially if the individuals fall onto a hard floor or against a stationary object. Slipping and falling on slippery or cracked stairs or sidewalks also can lead to catastrophic injuries. If you have been injured due to one of these situations, then you may wish to consult a personal injury lawyer for advice and guidance.

Liability in Slip and Fall Cases

Premises liability claims are governed by Colorado Revised Statutes §13-21-115, which defines who is a “landowner” and when landowners may be liable to persons injured on their land. “Landowners” are not limited to owners of land, but also include lessees, renters, persons conducting activities on land, and persons responsible for conditions on land—for instance, a landowner diverting water from their land onto another person’s land, causing ice to form in the other person’s parking lot.

A landowner’s liability is based up on the legal status of the person injured on the property. The landowner must protect business guests (“invitees”) from dangers of which the landowner knew about or should have known about.

The landowner must protect social guests (“licensees”) from dangers of which the landowner actually knew about.

Preserving Slip and Fall Claims in Fort Collins

While the first step following a slip and fall accident is to promptly obtain any necessary medical treatment, individuals who are in this situation also may wish to take steps to protect their rights to any legal claims they may have. Even if emergency medical treatment is not warranted, injured parties still should get a medical evaluation as quickly as possible following the incident, as some injuries may not become apparent until later. Documenting all injuries and medical treatment for those injuries can be crucial to a successful personal injury claim.

Taking pictures of the scene and writing down a detailed account of the accident that notes the time, date, lighting, weather conditions, temperature, and more can also be extremely useful in documenting an injury claim. As a slip and fall lawyer in Fort Collins may advise, getting contact information for any witnesses to the incident may also lead to additional supporting evidence in an ensuing injury claim.

Contact a Fort Collins Slip and Fall Attorney Today

Unfortunately, slip and fall and premises liability law is complex and designed to make it difficult for injured persons to recover damages. However, attorney Mac Hester is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced premises liability attorneys in the state, and he is often consulted by other attorneys when they have difficult cases. In fact, the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association asked him to write an appellate brief for them when a significant premises liability case (Lombard vs. Colorado Outdoor Education Center, Inc., 187 P.3d 565 (Colo. 2008)) was appealed to the Colorado Supreme Court.

If the dangerous condition of property led to you slipping and falling on spills, uneven carpet, broken pavement, or slick surfaces due to weather conditions, you may have grounds for relief through a personal injury claim. A Fort Collins slip and fall lawyer may be able to help you gather the evidence that you need to support a claim under state law, so call today to schedule a consultation.

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