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Fort Collins Bus Accident Lawyer

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While public and commercial bus transportation is used to provide a cost-effective method of travel in Fort Collins and throughout Colorado, passenger buses are not without their dangers. These enormous vehicles can pose a significant threat to pedestrians, other drivers, and even passengers on the bus. The potential for severe injury in a Fort Collins bus crash is substantial. However, a Mac Hester Law personal injury attorney might be able to help you recover compensation for your injuries. To begin the litigation process, contact a Fort Collins bus accident lawyer as soon as possible.

What Types of Damages Can Be Recovered in a Bus Crash Lawsuit?

Given the size disparity between buses and personal vehicles, injuries in a bus accident can be devastating. In addition to the bodily injuries suffered in the crash, a plaintiff could also experience psychological and financial repercussions.

The damages awarded in these cases fall into three categories: economic damages,non-economic damages, and physical impairment damages. Economic damages are easily valued through evidence like bills or estimates. However, non-economic damages and physical impairment damages are more subjective, and it can be difficult to determine their value without expert testimony and experience valuing such claims.

Damages common in bus accidents include:

Medical Bills

One of the major expenses of a bus accident is medical bills. These bills can result from an emergency room visit or follow-up treatments. A plaintiff may also be able to recover damages for physical therapy and other recovery necessities.

Lost Income

If a plaintiff’s injuries are so severe that they are unable to work, they could potentially pursue lost income from the party responsible for the accident. This might also include compensation for diminished future earning capacity.

Property Damage Bills

When a bus collides with a passenger vehicle, property damage can be extensive. If a plaintiff’s vehicle is damaged in a bus accident, they could recover compensation for the cost of repairing or replacing it.

Pain and Suffering

Another common type of damages sought by a Fort Collins bus accident attorney is pain and suffering. This is the most common type of non-economic damage, and it is meant as recompense for the physical pain endured over time as a result of the accident.

Physical Impairment

If a person suffers permanent injury that impairs the physical functioning of the body or a body part, then physical impairment damages are recoverable.

Comparative Negligence

Unlike some states, Colorado law does not completely bar a partially responsible plaintiff from recovering damages, but their contributory negligence can impact their recovery.

In Colorado, a plaintiff may recover damages from any defendant that was primarily at-fault. In other words, a plaintiff that is 50 percent or more at fault cannot recover damages. A jury will reduce the amount of damages awarded to the plaintiff proportionately to the plaintiff’s level of fault.

What is Governmental Immunity?

The State of Colorado and its political subdivisions (counties, cities, and various public districts) are immune from being sued – except for the categories listed in the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act. Motor vehicle accidents are one of the exceptions. However, there is a very short time period (182 days after the incident) in which notice of the claim must be given to the applicable governmental entity. Therefore, if you were injured in a motor vehicle accident involving a government vehicle (e.g., a city bus) or involving a governmental entity, then you must immediately contact a personal injury lawyer to make sure that the notice of claim is timely and corrected provided.

Discus your Claim with a Fort Collins Bus Accident Attorney

The expenses from your bus accident injury medical bills could be overwhelming. To get your financial footing back, you could benefit from filing a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent bus driver or their employee. For legal counsel that will work tirelessly to maximize your monetary recovering, contact a Fort Collins bus accident lawyer.

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