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Fort Collins Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

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Medications, including prescription drugs and over-the-counter remedies, are a standard part of life in Fort Collins. These medications play an essential role in combating diseases and facilitating healing. However, sometimes these drugs do more harm than good. If you have sustained a medical injury due to a dangerous drug, a personal injury attorney could help you recover monetary compensation.

To obtain monetary damages for your medical injuries, you must file a dangerous drug lawsuit against the party responsible for your injuries. A Fort Collins dangerous drugs lawyer could help you succeed.

Potential Defendants in a Dangerous Drugs Lawsuit

There are many sources of potential compensation in a Fort Collins dangerous drug case. While the drug manufacturer is commonly a party to a dangerous drug injury lawsuit, there may be other parties that share fault. When reviewing a case, a Fort Collins dangerous drug attorney could help identify all responsible parties. These parties may include:

Drug Manufacturers

Many harmful effects of dangerous drugs result from the negligence of drug manufacturers. In some cases, errors in the design process result in a drug that either fails to treat its intended illness or carries an unnecessary risk of adverse reactions.

In other cases, mistakes made during the manufacturing process can lead to severe consequences. When machine malfunctions or human error result in an altered drug formula, the results can be deadly.


There is a rigorous testing process that every drug must go through before it is marketed in the United States. Part of that process includes laboratory testing to ensure quality. It is the lab’s job to identify potential side effects or other dangers; a failure to do so could result in liability for the lab.


In some cases, a drug’s dangerous effects only manifest due to a mistake made by a doctor or medical professional. If a doctor prescribes the wrong drug or incorrect dosage, it can have a devastating impact on the affected patient.

Can a Pharmacists Face Liability in a Substance Malfunction Case?

Pharmacists may also face liability in a dangerous drugs case. It is the role of a pharmacist to provide instructions to a patient using medication. If a pharmacist fails to instruct the patient or provides them with incorrect instructions, the drugs could result in severe medical issues.

Are there Limits to Filing a Fort Collins Dangerous Drug Lawsuit?

Colorado bars the filing of a lawsuit after a certain timeframe called the statute of limitations expires. The statute of limitations differs depending on the type of case. For injuries suffered from dangerous drugs, the statute of limitations begins the day of the injury and expires after two years.

The failure to file a lawsuit in a timely manner can have a devastating effect on a viable dangerous drug claim. Regardless of a case’s strength, a court might dismiss a claim permanently if it is filed after the statute expires. An experienced Fort Collins drug injury attorney could help meet the mandatory deadlines in a dangerous drugs case.

Discuss your case with a Fort Collins Dangerous Drugs Attorney

There are many factors that go into the viability of a Fort Collins dangerous drugs lawsuit. A plaintiff must establish a defective drug injured them and determine the nature of the defect. A skilled Fort Collins dangerous drugs lawyer could have the resources necessary to navigate the legal and medical issues that may come up in these cases. Call today for a consultation on your case today.

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