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Fort Collins Rollover Accidents Lawyer

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Under Colorado law, a rollover accident refers to when a car’s tires leave the road and the vehicle turns over onto its side or roof. In some cases, the car may roll again several more times. Rollover accidents can be one of the most devastating types of crashes a person can experience.

A compassionate personal injury attorney at Mac Hester Law could help you recover from the traumatic experience and obtain compensation for your significant injuries. Contact a Fort Collins rollover accident lawyer for help starting a claim four your physical, emotional, and financial relief.

Rollover Car Accident Scenarios in Fort Collins

Fort Collins rollover accidents could include a single vehicle or multiple cars. In single-car tip-over situations, the driver oftentimes was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, fell asleep behind the wheel, or was distracted while driving. They may have drifted off the road or lost control of the vehicle and the car tipped over onto its roof or rolled multiple times.

Another common scenario for tip-overs is when a driver on a snowy or icy road loses control of their vehicle and slides off the road. Vehicles often slide off of icy roads at an angle and onto the rougher roadside, where the vehicle is more likely to roll.

In a multiple-car collision, a speeding driver could cause an accident on a multi-lane highway, such as Interstate 25 in Fort Collins. Because the cars involved are traveling at higher speeds on the interstate, they may skid onto the roadside and roll over multiple times.

How do Rollover Accidents Differ from Other Types of Car Wrecks?

Rollover accidents are more severe than most other types of crashes because the body is tossed around inside the car much more than in a single-impact collision. In a tip-over accident, the car rolls at least once, and the occupants’ bodies could be thrown about and strike various objects inside the vehicle, such as the steering wheel, windows, side beams, other occupants, or miscellaneous objects in the passenger compartment.

The length of the accident is also increased, as a rollover could last for several seconds during which individuals have more time to become injured by multiple contacts with the interior of the vehicle.

These types of accidents can also involve crushing damage to the roof and side beams of the vehicle, and the windows blown out during the roll. If the roof intrudes into the passenger compartment, it can strike the occupants’ head or neck, causing additional injury. If an occupant is not seat-belted, they increase their chances of being ejected through the windows during the rollover.

Preventing a Rollover Car Accident in Fort Collins

Safety and prevention tips for drivers to avoid rollover accidents include:

  • Staying off the road if they have been drinking or are excessively tired
  • Exercising good judgment and common sense to circumvent situations where they could lose control of their vehicle
  • Avoid using a cellphone while driving
  • Choosing to not drive when the roads are snowy and icy

If Fort Collins drivers are in a position where they must drive in those conditions, they should reduce their speed, maintain a greater distance between vehicles than usual, and anticipate lane changes and stops so they can apply their brakes slowly and stop in time without sliding into other vehicles.

Examples of Unpreventable Rollovers

A person might not be able to prevent themselves from being involved in a rollover accident caused by another driver, if they were to run a stop sign or try to beat a yellow light, hitting the side of another car and causing it to roll, for example.

On multi-lane roads with higher speed limits, drivers can make unsafe lane changes and collide with other cars, causing others to go off the road. Drivers may also swerve suddenly to avoid objects or animals on the road but swerving too quickly may lead to crashing into other vehicles, causing them to roll.

Can a Fort Collins Rollover Accident Attorney Help Clients Recover Damages?

A Fort Collins rollover accident attorney can help their clients recover damages by gathering information and evidence as soon as possible after the event. They can also use evidence regarding the movement, placement, and damage of the vehicles and statements from the client, at-fault driver, eyewitnesses, and the investigating law enforcement officer.

As they evaluate the damage of a vehicle from a rollover accident, they may find grounds for a case not only against the at-fault driver but also the car manufacturer, for instance, for failing to make the car crashworthy. For example, if the roof crushed into the passenger compartment, the windows were blown out, the side pillars collapsed, or if the vehicle sustained any other extensive damage, the injured person could have a potential claim against the manufacturer of the car.

Moving Forward with a Claim with the Help of a Fort Collins Rollover Car Accident Lawyer

Getting back on your feet in your life can be challenging after a traumatic car accident. You should not have to file a claim for your financial damages while also recovering from your injuries. A Fort Collins rollover car accident lawyer could help you. Call to find financial relief with a Mac Hester Law personal injury attorney today.

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