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Fort Collins Hit-and-Run Accident Lawyer

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A hit-and-run accident refers to a car impacting another vehicle and evading the scene without stopping to render aid or give any information to the other driver. It could also include miss-and-run accidents, in which a driver does not hit another car, but swerves into its lane, causing them to run off the road or crash into a different car. Even if you were the only person in your hit-and-run accident, you may not be the reason it happened.

A Fort Collins lawyer understands how frustrating a hit-and-run accident can be. However, a car accident attorney could give you resources for finding a negligent motorist and recovering compensation from your insurance company regardless. Whatever you need to help you start a claim Mac Hester Law wants to help.

Common Causes of a Hit-and-Run Collision

A common reason for hit-and-run accidents in Fort Collins is distracted driving combined with a lack of insurance. If a person is not paying attention in a crash and they do not have insurance, they may leave the scene because they do not want to get into trouble with the police. They could risk having their driver’s license suspended or worse if they get caught at the scene.

Aspects of a Hit-and-Run Claim that Differ from Other Car Accident Cases

A hit-and-run wreck differs from other types because it is also a crime to leave the scene of an accident and the case may be handled by the Fort Collins criminal justice system initially.

The district attorney’s office is responsible for charging the at-fault driver with a crime. The defendant would either enter a plea deal or go to trial. If they plead guilty, the at-fault driver would be fined, ordered to pay restitution to the victims of the accident, and possibly put in jail depending on the seriousness of the situation.

A hit-and-run car accident could also be handled by the civil justice system. The difference is that a hit-and-run civil action will not charge a defendant with a crime. They would only be responsible for paying money damages to the injured person.

Three Important Steps to Take After Being Injured in a Car Wreck

The first of the three important steps a person should take after being injured in a car accident in Fort Collins is to check on passengers in their own car and other occupants of the vehicles to see if they have been injured and need medical assistance.

The second important step would be to call 911 to report the accident. This is so medical help can be summoned if necessary and the collision can be investigated by law enforcement agencies.

The third important step is to call family and friends to come to the scene to provide support to the victims of the accident. People are sometimes shaken up or disoriented after a crash and having loved ones around could help victims get their bearings.

Afterward, information with the at-fault driver should be exchanged, photographs of the damage and scene of the accident should be taken, as well as any visible injuries, and a call to one’s insurance company to report everything should be made.

How Can a Fort Collins Attorney Help?

An attorney could help with an accident claim in Fort Collins by using their resources, such as an investigator, to find the hit-and-run driver so that they can hold them accountable for their actions. Investigators may be able to find the driver through searching motor vehicle insurance and other databases.

A Fort Collins legal professional could also help an injured person determine if they have underinsured motorist coverage that would cover their damages if the hit-and-run driver could not be found or could be found but does not have liability insurance.

They could also help the driver get the medical care and treatment they need and gather information and records to evaluate their damages.

A Fort Collins Hit-and-Run Accident Lawyer Can Help File a Claim with Your Insurance Company

If a person does not have insurance or leaves the scene of the accident, you should not have to be liable for the costs that incur from your injuries and property damage. Consider consulting a Fort Collins hit-and-run accident lawyer for help in a delicate legal situation. Call today about starting a claim with Mac Hester Law.

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