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Fort Collins Side-Impact Collisions Lawyer

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No car accident is good, but side-impact collisions can be particularly harmful. Fort Collins and Colorado laws define a side-impact collision as an accident in which the front of one vehicle strikes another vehicle’s broadside. A common name for a side-impact wreck is a T-bone collision.

The sides of most vehicles have fewer safety features than if the car was hit on the front or rear. Because of this, injuries from T-bone accidents can be very severe. If you were in one of these accidents and the other driver was at fault, consult with a Fort Collins side-impact collisions lawyer to determine if you are eligible for compensation.

Common Scenarios For T-Bone Collisions in Fort Collins

Some common fact patterns surrounding side-impact accidents in Fort Collins include a vehicle running a stop sign and striking a passing vehicle’s side, or a vehicle running a red light and hitting another vehicle traveling perpendicularly. Side-impact collisions in Fort Collins are quite common on College Avenue, the city’s main street, with numerous busy intersections. Drivers traveling down College Avenue often try to beat yellow lights and make left turns in front of oncoming traffic.

Not only is this imprudent, but it could also lead to serious damage and injury to other drivers. When one driver acts irresponsibly, they may be negligent, and therefore liable for the damage they caused. A Fort Collins side-impact collisions lawyer could analyze an accident and determine if there is a valid case for compensation.

Common Damages in Side-Impact Wrecks

Common effects of side-impact collisions include damage to the side of the car which is typically severe because side-impact collisions often involve high-speed impacts to the side door and quarter panels. High-impact side-impact collisions involve the intrusion of the side of the car into the passenger compartment, which can cause contusions and impact injuries to the side of the person’s body. The force of the collision may propel the occupant’s body in the opposite direction or hit other parts or occupants of the car, resulting in additional injuries.

Head injuries commonly occur in side-impact collisions when the head hits the side of the window or is forced into a whiplash motion. This could injure the spine, neck, and brain. If the brain slams against either side of the skull’s interior or rotates within the skull on the brain stem, micro-stretches and tears of brain matter and neurons could occur.

A person involved in a side-impact collision can recover damages for all physical injuries and the impact of those injuries upon their life. In Colorado, an injured person can recover economic damages, noneconomic damages, and physical impairment damages.

Economic damages are hard-dollar amounts, such as costs to repair or replace the vehicle, medical expenses, loss of income, and out-of-pocket expenses. Noneconomic damages are often called pain and suffering or mental/emotional distress, for which injured persons can recover damages. Additionally, if a person suffers a permanent injury that impairs the functioning of their body, they can recover damages for that, as well.

An Attorney Could Start Your Case for Compensation

If a client has been involved in a side-impact collision, their attorney could gather all information and evidence regarding the incident from the client, the other driver, eyewitnesses, and law enforcement agencies. If the accident is complex or heavily disputed, an attorney could even hire an accident reconstructionist to investigate and analyze the accident. All this information could be used during negotiations with the insurance companies and during litigation if necessary.

If you were the victim of a T-bone accident, a Fort Collins side-impact collisions lawyer may be able to help. A seasoned car accident attorney could be an advocate by your side and pursue the compensation you need and the justice you deserve. Call Mac Hester Law today to schedule a consultation.

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