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Fort Collins Major Roadway Accident Lawyer

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In Fort Collins, the main thoroughfare within the city is College Avenue, which has multiple lanes going north and southbound. It is the most heavily traveled street in the area, and more accidents happen there than on any other road in the city.

If you were injured while driving on College Avenue or on the interstate, highway, or parkway, you could hold negligent drivers liable for the devastating injuries they caused you by speaking with a Mac Hester Law car accident attorney. A Fort Collins major roadway accident lawyer could walk you through filing a claim for damages and recovering the compensation you deserve.

Parkway and Interstate Accidents in Colorado

A disproportionate number of all accidents happen on College Avenue because it is so heavily traveled, especially at rush hour in the morning and evening. There is often more than one accident a day on College Avenue, and during winter, there may be several due to snow and ice conditions.

Outside the city, the most heavily trafficked roadway is Interstate 25, which runs north to south from Wyoming to Fort Collins and onto Denver and Colorado Springs. Because of the massive number of commuters on I-25, there are a lot of automobile collisions on this freeway as well.

Common Accident Scenarios on Fort Collins Major Roadways

Wrecks on College Avenue or other main thoroughfares are different from accidents on the secondary and residential streets because higher speeds are usually involved. The impacts often involve motorists accelerating through yellow lights while other vehicles are coming in the opposite direction, sometimes making turns in front of oncoming traffic. Having assumed that the oncoming car was going to stop for the yellow light, the turning motorist may decide that it is safe to proceed. However, drivers sometimes attempt to speed through yellow lights rather than slow down, causing high-speed, side-impact collisions.

Crashes could also result when cars carelessly change lanes across the multi-lane parkway, causing motorists to hit others, run them off the road, or in the most severe cases, swerve into oncoming traffic. These situations can result in severe collisions, injuries, and sometimes death.

Another common scenario on College Avenue are rear-end collisions, especially at the major intersections of Drake Road, Prospect Avenue, Shields Avenue, and Harmony Road. These are extremely trafficked in Fort Collins, often bumper-to-bumper, and the drivers may be distracted and talking or texting on a cell phone.

Heightened Speed Limits in Interstate Collisions

Heightened speed limits come into play in major roadway accidents in various ways. The first way is that, at higher speeds, drivers have less time to react and control their vehicles. Therefore, collisions on major roadways could occur because of decreased reaction time and the inability to take evasive action or stop the car before colliding with another.

Drivers may also be distracted by roadside signs, activity on the side of the road, and talking to their passengers. This results in crashes that may not have happened if the driver had been going slower and paying more attention. A local legal representative could help identify the cause of the highway accident and gather evidence to support a claim for compensation.

Steps to Take Following a Major Roadway Accident

In the event of a high-speed collision, the first step a person should take is immediately calling 911 to obtain emergency medical care. Then, they should have the accident investigated by law enforcement agencies to make sure everyone involved in the collision is examined by medical personnel, especially after higher-speed accidents. Even in cases where there are no visible injuries, higher speed crashes may cause other types of hidden conditions, such as traumatic brain injuries.

Fort Collins Interstate, Highway, and Parkway Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in a collision on College Ave, I-25, or any other interstate or parkway, Mac Hester Law could help make sure you get the resources you need both medically and financially. A Fort Collins major roadway accident lawyer could help you seek fair compensation for all of your losses. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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