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Fort Collins Rental Car Accident Lawyer

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Most rental cars in Fort Collins are leased or rented from big companies. However, individuals or small companies that loan out their vehicles on a limited basis are also considered rental cars. The difference between a rental car and private passenger automobile is that they have different insurance policy coverages and potentially different doctrines of liability. This can make recovering damages from accidents a very difficult process.

If you have been injured in or by a legally borrowed car, it is a good idea to hire a Fort Collins rental car accident lawyer because the differences could make filing for damages more complicated. An experienced car accident attorney at Mac Hester Law could make sure you understand all of your options and resolve your case with the best possible outcome.

Common Injuries in Rental Car Accidents

The common injuries that occur as a result of rental car accidents are similar to injuries involved in regular vehicle crashes. Those involved would have common automobile accident injuries such as abrasions and contusions, fractures, neck and back pain, and head trauma.

However, in the case of larger rental vehicles, the size and mass could lead to significant impacts and more severe injuries. Especially in vans, shuttle buses, and trucks, if they overturn, those involved may be propelled within the vehicle. This could result in more significant injuries than if they were in a confined space such as a small passenger automobile.

Classification of a Car Between Rental Types

Most people in Fort Collins rent cars for short periods of time, but occasionally, people will borrow vehicles for longer, or even lease a car for months or years at a time. Short-term rental car contracts may be different from long-term ones. However, they still involve similar legal liabilities, doctrines, and the pretense that the driver of the rental or leased vehicle is responsible for their own driving.

Joint Ventures

A legal concept that could come into play in a rental car case is “joint ventures”. This refers to situations in which more than one person rents a vehicle for a joint purpose. This could occur when people get together and use a rental car on a business trip, for example. In these situations, Colorado law outlines that every person in the joint venture may be held legally liable for the driver’s actions.

Fort Collins Insurance Coverage on Rental Cars

Insurance coverages may also differ between private passenger automobile collisions and rental car accidents. If the negligent person is the sole driver of the private passenger automobile, then the liability will usually be limited to them.

In rental car cases, however, the individual driver is liable, but if there are other occupants of the vehicle, then they need to investigate whether the passengers were involved in the joint venture with the driver. If they were, then all the occupants of the vehicle could potentially be liable to the injured party.

When a person rents a car, they have the option of purchasing liability coverage in varying amounts, which might be more than their own individual insurance policy. However, rental car companies often do not provide any uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. An individual injured in an accident involving a rental car could hire a local legal professional who is experienced in investigating insurance policies and can recover the most amount of compensation possible.

Contact a Fort Collins Rental Car Accident Attorney if You Have Questions

If you have been injured in a collision, a Fort Collins rental car accident lawyer can help you determine who is liable for the accident and dissect the complicated insurance policies that are involved. A dedicated attorney at Mac Hester Law could start working towards recovering the fair compensation you deserve. Call today to learn more.

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