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Westminster Slip and Fall Lawyer

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For the elderly and infirm, slip and fall accidents can lead to life-threatening harm. Even for those who are healthy, a trip can cause broken bones, neck and spine injuries, and even a traumatic brain injury. Victims of these accidents can end up having to pay thousands of dollars to receive the medical care they need to recover.

Falling sometimes occurs because a property owner has not taken the time to clean up a spill or clear a hazard from their home or business. If you have experienced harm on another’s property, a Westminster slip and fall lawyer could assist you. A successful personal injury lawsuit can provide you with financial compensation so you can be reimbursed for your medical expenses and lost wages.

Colorado Laws for Property Regulation

In Colorado, property owners who invite others onto their properties for business or personal reasons have a duty to those visiting. Among these is the responsibility to take reasonable measures to clean up any known hazards so they do not pose a danger to guests.

Examples of common slip hazards that property owners in Westminster must watch for include:

  • Liquid spills like water or cleaning products
  • Ice and snow accumulating on walkways
  • Toys, tools, or extension cords
  • Uneven walking surfaces or slippery steps

If property owners cannot correct these hazards, they must at least warn guests of their existence. Property owners who do nothing in response to trip dangers could be held liable if guests are injured on the premises.

Filing a Westminster Slip and Fall Claim

Property owners are not automatically liable for others’ injuries, and not all victims are entitled to the same level of protection. “Invitees”, guests on business or public property, are owed the highest level of care; landowners are required to protect them against dangerous conditions that they knew or should have known about. “Licensees”, social guests, are owed a lower standard of care; landowners are required to protect them against known dangerous conditions. “Trespassers” are owed the lowest standard of care; landowners must not willfully or deliberately cause harm to a trespasser. Westminster attorneys representing slip and fall victims could help injury victims determine whether they are licensees, invitees, or trespassers and pursue money damages against the landowner.

Injury victims who needed medical treatment could request payments for past and future expenses they are likely to incur in the future because of their slip and fall injuries. If victims are unable to work, they could also demand money for these lost earnings. An experienced attorney is best suited to help injured plaintiffs calculate their damages and build a case to demonstrate the necessity for these payments.

Connect with a Westminster Slip and Fall Attorney to Recover Relief

Wet or slippery liquids, foreign objects, and weather are just some of the many things that can lead to serious injuries for you or your family if a property owner has been negligent. An attorney can help you by reviewing your case and informing you of your legal options.

If you believe a property owner’s careless disregard for safety led to your tripping accident, do not wait to speak with an attorney at Mac Hester Law about your options. Contact a Westminster slip and fall lawyer today if you or your loved one suffered harm in a slip and fall accident.

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