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Preparing for a Fort Collins Bad Weather Car Accident

In person, phone, or video consultations or client meetings are available. Contact us.

You cannot control every factor while driving on the road, and even less so if the conditions are slick and icy. However, you can recognize the warning signs and prepare in case an accident does occur.

A Fort Collins lawyer could help you take the first initial steps and prepare for a bad weather car accident and collect damages to support your claim. Mac Hester Law attorneys are knowledgeable about driving conditions in Colorado and a good resource to make sure you are ready in case you need to start building a claim.

Fort Collins Bad Weather Conditions

In the wintertime, Fort Collins gets quite a bit of snow, so drivers need to adjust their driving depending on the weather conditions. Residents who have moved to Colorado from out of state may not be used to the snow and it might take a while to learn to drive in those conditions. They will need to drive slower than normal, keep a further distance from other cars, and make sure they have plenty of time to slow down and stop for traffic signals.

Fort Collins also has a lot of sunny days, so the snow on the roads will often melt and then refreeze once it gets colder at night. Sometimes this can create what is called “black ice”, ice which is actually clear and not visible atop black asphalt, and therefore very dangerous. Mountain roads, which are usually narrow, steep, and curvy, can be especially dangerous, so drivers should take extra special care and precaution when there is snow or ice on the roads.

Warning Signs of a Bad Weather Car Accident in Fort Collins

Warning signs of a possible weather-related accident could include snow-covered roads or patches of snow and ice on the ground. A person might notice that their car is sliding on ice, and if that is the case, they may need to drive even slower and keep safer distances between other cars.

It also gets quite windy in Fort Collins sometimes, and the wind can blow the snow on the ground across the road, reducing visibility. In those conditions, it is best if drivers pull off the road, park, and wait until visibility improves.

Steps to Take to Prevent a Wreck

Residents can take steps to protect themselves from weather-related accidents by preparing in advance. It is important to be knowledgeable about the weather patterns in Fort Collins. It snows fairly frequently, and conditions can change suddenly. Drivers should already own snow chains and have them in their car during the wintertime, if they know they might need them.

Some people will have snow tires with steel studs that they use specifically during the winter. In Colorado, a lot of residents have four-wheel-drive vehicles. Probably one of the most effective ways to be prepared for driving on snow and ice is to own a four-wheel-drive vehicle because it makes a tremendous difference in being able to keep control of the car on the road in snow and icy conditions.

Initial Steps After a Collision in Poor Weather Occurs

If a person is involved in an accident triggered by severe weather conditions, the first thing they should do is make sure they and any passengers in their car are not injured. Then, if other cars were involved in the accident, they should check on the other drivers. If there are any injuries, 911 should be called immediately to request a medical response.

If no one is injured, the driver should then make sure they protect themselves against the bad weather. In Colorado, it is advisable for drivers to keep extra warm clothing in their car because no one knows when their vehicle might break down or get into a bad weather accident.

The weather in Fort Collins also changes frequently, and it can go from a somewhat warm and sunny day to a cold, snowy day within a matter of hours. Drivers in the wintertime should make sure they have a coat, hat, and gloves in the car. Some drivers will go an extra step and have what they call a winter-conditions bag, in which they have warm clothing and gear such as hand warmers, a first aid kit, flashlights, and other helpful items to have after a collision occurs.

Hire a Fort Collin Bad Weather Car Accident Lawyer

Mac Hester Law can help an injured person access resources, find appropriate medical providers, and follow up to make sure recovery is going well. They could help an individual get back on their feet and move forward in life, physically, emotionally, and financially. A Fort Collins lawyer could be the first step to preventing and preparing for a bad weather car accident, call today to learn more.

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