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Determining Liability in a Fort Collins Bad Weather Accident

In person, phone, or video consultations or client meetings are available. Contact us.

Even if you were the only person in your bad weather accident, you may not be the only person at fault. If another driver was being negligent under the conditions and acted recklessly, they could have caused a collision without getting into an accident themselves.

A Fort Collins lawyer could help you with determining liability in a bad weather car accident case and collect damages to support your claim. A dedicated poor weather conditions attorney at Mac Hester Law could be your best option for recovering compensation after a devastating injury from a negligent motorist.

Assignment of Fault in a Fort Collins Poor Weather Collision

Bad weather can have an impact on the assignment of fault in a car accident. If there is a collision on a snowy or icy road, one of the first things a legal advisor will look at is the speed the at-fault driver was going at just before the collision.

Every vehicle operator has a duty to drive reasonably under the weather conditions at the time. Drivers know the road could be more dangerous and that they need to take precautions, such as driving slower or keeping greater distances between vehicles, because they are aware their car is going to slide on snow or ice if they apply the brakes. It is possible for unavoidable accidents to happen, but almost always, collisions on snow and ice are the result of driving too fast for the conditions or not keeping safe distances between vehicles.

Single-Vehicle Crashes in Bad Weather

If there was no other vehicle involved in the crash, a Fort Collins bad weather accident legal professional could look at the factors that contributed to the crash to see who else could be at fault.

A legal advisor would seek to interview the driver about the weather, the speed limits, and the road conditions and the visibility on the road to determine if they were driving with reasonable caution. They will also want to interview any witnesses. In the instance that it is a wind-related vehicle crash, there is a possibility that another driver could be at fault or contributorily negligent.

A legal professional would also have to look at if there were other factors involved in the single-car accident crash. For example, it could be that other vehicles caused the driver to swerve, resulting in a crash. Another car could have come into the driver’s lane or slid on ice. If it looked like there might have been an accident if the driver did not take evasive action, then the other driver could be found at-fault in that situation.

Evidence After the Conditions of a Fort Collins Accident

It is important that after an accident an individual who wants to file a claim contacts a lawyer as soon as possible. If an attorney discovers that the car crash happened during snowy or icy conditions, but that weather has since subsided, it can be hard to build a case. It is important a legal professional investigates the condition on the day of the accident. They could also interview the claimant, passengers in the car, other drivers involved, and any witnesses as well.

Legal counsel could also obtain the traffic accident report and research online for what the conditions were on the day of the crash. There are several websites available for weather information on particular days and times. In some cases, it could be necessary to hire a weather expert to research the conditions on that day.

How a Lawyer Can Help Recover Damages from a Bad Weather Car Accident

A lawyer can help someone who was involved in an accident caused by poor weather by ensuring they are able to pursue all of the insurance compensation and other damages they are entitled to. Those damages could include:

  • Vehicle repair or replacements
  • A rental car
  • Reimbursement for the wages they lost by being unable to work because of their injures
  • Current and future medical expenses.

A Fort Collins legal representative could also help a plaintiff recover damages for other, non-tangible damages, such as being unable to engage in activities at home, pursue their hobbies, and attend recreational and social events.

Determine Liability in a Fort Collins Bad Weather Car Accident Today

The first step to recovery is determining liability in a Fort Collins bad weather car accident. A qualified attorney at Mac Hester Law wants to help you get started on your claim for compensation and help you decide an appropriate damages package to demand from the liable party. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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