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Boulder Slip and Fall Lawyer

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Not only can unexpected falls lead to serious injuries, but the treatments necessary to care for those conditions can also cause financial hardships. However, a monetary settlement could ease some of your financial burdens.

If you fell while on somebody else’s property, a Mac Hester Law personal injury attorney could help hold them liable for your losses. Get in touch with a Boulder slip and fall lawyer as soon as possible to discuss the details of your accident and see if you could be eligible for financial relief in a personal injury suit.

What Kind of Injuries Typically Occur after a Slip and Fall?

Usually after a slip and fall, people are able to get up and walk away. However, some may suffer severe injuries in falls. Some of the most common injuries that people experience are as follows:

  • Broken bones
  • Sprains and strains
  • Amputations
  • Facial injuries
  • Spinal cord
  • Brain damage
  • Wrongful death

A Boulder personal injury legal advisor could work with medical experts to highlight a claimant’s injuries to obtain compensation for the harm they suffered.

Where do Most Slips and Falls Occur?

People often trip and hurt themselves on uneven or slippery walking surfaces. However, if there are unexpected objects, such as trash or debris, on the floor or road, this could cause an accident as well.

Injuries from slips and falls could happen on commercial properties, such as in restaurants, office buildings, grocery stores, and retail stores. They can also occur on residential premises, such as in privately owned homes or rental properties. Most commonly, people trip or slip inside on slippery floors, stairways, or steps. Outside, people often fall on sidewalks, parking lots, or on icy or snow-covered walkways. Skilled legal professionals in Boulder have experience working to determine what caused the fall that led to the injury. They will examine incident reports and speak to any available eyewitnesses to see who is responsible for the fall.

How to Proceed with a Claim in Boulder

Not everyone who gets hurt in a fall is entitled to financial compensation. If an individual falls on another person’s property it does not automatically mean that the property owner is liable, or legally responsible, for their injuries.

To prove liability, a claimant would need to prove that the owner of the property where they fell was responsible under the Colorado Premises Liability Act. They would need to demonstrate that the property owner was careless in their actions and acted unreasonably by neglecting to maintain their land, leading to the visitor’s fall.

Some examples where a court could hold a property owner legally responsible for a slip and fall would be:

  • When a store owner fails to clean up a slippery spill within a reasonable period of time
  • When an owner fails to put up a sign warning customer of wet floors after a cleaning
  • When an owner fails to remove ice and snow from their parking lot
  • When a tenant falls on the steps of their rental property because the guard rail was broken

Store owners owe a duty of reasonable care to all of their customers and must keep their stores safe for their customers. Similarly, landlords owe a duty of reasonable care to their tenants, and they must keep the rental property safe for those that live there and guests. Boulder legal representatives could work to prove that the property owner in question breached that duty of reasonable care and that the breach led to the fall that caused the plaintiff injury.

Reach Out to a Boulder Personal Injury Attorney Today

You could be facing a difficult recovery from the injuries that you sustained in a fall. A financial settlement from the property owner responsible for your fall could help, and a skilled personal injury attorney at Mac Hester Law could help you achieve this goal. Reach out to a Boulder slip and fall lawyer today to see if you have a viable case for compensation.

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