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Negligent Hiring or Training in Westminster Nursing Homes

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Senior care facilities are supposed to uphold state and federal laws that protect residents from abuse and neglect. However, insufficient or abusive care happens frequently, especially when it is related to negligent hiring or training in Westminster nursing homes.

If you think an older loved one’s current health problems were caused by caregivers who were not appropriately trained or hired without exhaustive background checks, speak with a knowledgeable lawyer from Mac Hester Law as soon as you are able. Poor hiring practices and lack of training occur for numerous reasons, all of which compromise residents’ health and safety, and the facility should be held accountable for this type of negligence.

Negligent Hiring in Westminster

Negligent hiring refers to employing individuals without performing in-depth background checks. A plaintiff could make a claim against the employer of the facility if they or a loved one has suffered injuries or other health issues caused by negligent, abusive, or untrained staff. Background checks should include the following, at minimum, to determine if the employee was qualified to provide nursing home care:

  • Drug testing
  • Employment and personal reference checks
  • Criminal screening
  • Driving record checks
  • Credit checks
  • College degree, certification, and license validations

How Does Irresponsible Hiring Cause Problems in Nursing Homes?

Careless hiring can harm nursing home residents in numerous ways. For example, if a caregiver has a history of abuse or anger management issues, they could hit, slap, or otherwise injure a resident.

Other examples include nurse practitioners with fraudulent degrees who administer the wrong medication dosage or misdiagnose an infection, or a caregiver who was not drug screened and uses illegal substances on the premises of the facility. Under the influence, they may not be able to perform their duties safely. Dismissing signs of abuse among residents, whether from caregiver to resident or resident to resident is also dangerous.

Improper Training in Assisted Living Facilities & Related Issues

Even if employees undergo thorough screening and are competent workers, they might not receive enough training due to understaffing or employer negligence. If they are not trained in the facility’s processes, they can unwittingly make mistakes that negatively affect nursing home residents.

For example, an undertrained employee may not realize that some residents require certain bathing and grooming assistance, or that others need help eating or taking medication. Such workers may leave early when they were supposed to lead exercise classes or help adjust residents recovering from illnesses to avoid bedsores. These and other issues can result in severe health complications that increase the risk of fatality among residents.

Discuss Your Negligent Training or Hiring in Nursing Homes Case with a Westminster Attorney Today

When senior care facility employers do not do their part in terms of hiring and training, the results can be disastrous. Filing a legal claim spotlights negligent hiring or training in Westminster nursing homes to encourage employer diligence. They must be held accountable to run a comprehensive background check on every caregiver and make sure to give thorough training to provide the best care possible.

Employers must also ensure the caregiver-to-resident ratio is ideal to avoid negligence and abuse problems from understaffing. Contact our law firm to discuss hiring and training issues at your loved one’s nursing home. Once you relocate the family member and they are finally in a safe situation, turn your attention to the legal issues surrounding the case. Mac Hester Law is here to help.

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