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Westminster Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

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Nationwide, nursing home residents face a significant risk of abuse from certain employees of these facilities. These residents may fall victim to neglect or physical, sexual, or financial abuse by those looking to take advantage of them. Family members of victims may not find out about the mistreatment for months or years afterward.

Administrators of nursing homes are responsible for hiring qualified personnel to provide appropriate service to the residents. Employers must take precautions to minimize the risk of an employee or visitor abusing a resident.

When staff and supervisors do not honor those obligations, a Westminster nursing home abuse lawyer could hold the at-fault parties accountable. A seasoned personal injury attorney could assist an abused or neglected resident and their family in obtaining justice through a civil lawsuit.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Identifying signs of abuse or neglect in a nursing home is not always easy, as it is common for residents not to disclose mistreatment. Some signs of nursing home abuse that a loved one can be aware of include:

  • Unexplained bruises, marks, or sores
  • Fluctuations in weight or general health
  • Inability to visit their resident during regular visiting hours
  • Residents reporting multiple possessions lost or missing
  • Residents who are overly anxious, nervous, or hesitant to engage in conversation

If the resident’s family members suspect abuse, they should take prompt action to protect their loved ones. It could be beneficial for the family to speak with a lawyer familiar with nursing home abuse and neglect cases about potential legal action against the facility, its administration, and the employee or contractor responsible.

Compensation for Nursing Home Abuse Injuries

Injured residents and their family members may be eligible to receive payment from those who committed abusive acts or those who failed to take reasonable steps to prevent the abuse from happening. Residents can use the money collected to address any medical expenses they incurred due to their injuries. A compensation award could also cover the cost of moving the resident to a different facility, personal items that were destroyed or taken, or counseling for the mental trauma that may accompany the abuse or neglect.

To receive any compensation, injured residents must either settle their case with the responsible party or win their lawsuit in court. Succeeding in a nursing home lawsuit requires the injured resident, also known as the plaintiff, to prove that the defendant’s careless or deliberate actions caused harm. The plaintiffs must also show the extent of the abuse. They may then be granted compensation for any tangible and intangible loss that resulted from the careless or deliberate actions.

Seek Compensation with Help from a Westminster Care Facility Injury Attorney

Those injured in a senior care facility who want to pursue legal action have to adhere to a statute of limitations that varies depending on the circumstances of their case. The application limit may not provide abuse or neglect victims much time to assert their legal rights, especially if the injured party must track down evidence or witnesses to support their allegations while they are healing from the abuse.

A Westminster nursing home abuse attorney at Mac Hester Law could help you navigate your or your loved one’s civil claim process, adhere to the deadlines set by the law, and obtain recovery to help heal from the damage. Discuss possible legal options for seeking compensation by calling for a consultation today.

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