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Mistakes That Can Affect The Outcome Of Your Lawsuit

In one of our previous Fort Collins personal injury law blog posts we talked about how posting on social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram can damage your case. Posting on social media is just one of the many things that you could do to hurt your case. In all reality, there are many mistakes you could unknowingly make that could change the outcome of your case. When you know what those mistakes are, you can make sure that you don’t make them! That is why we at Mac Hester Law have come up with this list of common mistakes that can affect the outcome of your lawsuit.

Two Critical Mistakes That Can Affect The Outcome Of Your Lawsuit

In all personal injury cases, liability is one of the most critical elements. Our focus here is to establish liability in your personal injury case. Here are two mistakes that can affect the outcome of your lawsuit.

  • Lying – There is no such thing as a cut and dry lawsuit, and there will always be positives and negatives on both sides. Hiding the bad stuff from your attorney is just as harmful as making up good stuff, and when it eventually comes to light, it can really hurt your case. For the best results, be upfront and honest about all of the facts of your case.
  • Signing things without talking to your attorney – You may think that some of the more simpler forms are innocent enough, but no matter how innocuous the document appears to be, you should never sign anything throughout the duration of your case without first talking to your attorney about it. You could be unknowingly signing waivers or releases!

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Both of these are critical to your case and they are areas you need to keep in mind when taking legal action. At Mac Hester Law we understand these two factors and how our clients can overlook them. We know when something traumatizing occurs you just want the suffering to stop. We are here to discuss your options for your personal injury case.