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Can Social Media Hurt Your Case

Social Media With A Legal Twist

We live in a world where we post everything on social media. Whether you are eating a dynamite lunch or you are going out to a bar with your friends, chances are, you’ve announced it on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Social media is a great way to stay in contact with friends and family, but not many people realize that what you post on social media sites can actually come with some big legal consequences. That is why, when faced with litigation, you should let your accident attorney know exactly what social media sites you are on.

Is Your Profile Private?

Any public profile can affect the outcomes of a case because it can be used as evidence. There is so much information online, some of which can certainly be used against you in some circumstances. One of the best ways to ensure that social media can’t be used against you in your case is by making sure that you are keeping all of your information and photos private. However, privacy settings don’t always necessarily guarantee that everything is kept private. Your friends and family could share posts or information about you. On many sites, people can tag you at certain places and they can put photos up of you!

Social Media At Work

Other aspects of online activities deal with workplace law. Colorado labor law has several areas where employers and employees are given rights when it comes to online activity. There are exemptions to these rules and for your particular case, we suggest reviewing the website linked above.

Socially sharing media online is a great thing in many ways. However, if you don’t use it wisely, it could come with legal consequences. These consequences could change the outcome of your case. Now that you know that social media can be used against you, take the necessary steps to ensure your information is private. Below are some links to help you check your privacy settings on several social media platforms.

Links To Set Your Privacy Settings On Different Sites

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