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Common Myths About Personal Injury Law

In our last personal injury lawyer blog, we debunked two common myths about these powerful allies to injury victims. We invite you to explore the two myths below – do they look familiar?

Myth: Personal Injury Lawyers Are Too Expensive

  • FACT: Many personal injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. Mac Hester Law handles our lawsuits this way, because it is the fairest way to treat you. If you are compensated for your injury, we receive one-third of the settlement money, and if that is too much, we will negotiate an even lower fee. If you receive no compensation, you owe us nothing, except the costs we incurred (for example, fees for obtaining medical records, police reports, etc.). Even better, if a lawsuit is filed, we will not increase our fee, which sets us apart from many other law firms. See our fee policies for yourself. With Mac Hester Law, you are the one with the advantage.

Myth: Personal Injury Attorneys Often File Pointless Lawsuits

  • FACT: This could be a legitimate worry, because pointless lawsuits have no chance of being won, which could put you out a lot of money. However, because personal injury lawyers do not receive more compensation for lawsuits, there is no reason for them to waste their time. A lawsuit that does not receive a settlement puts your lawyer out of money too, so there is no incentive to go after a pointless lawsuit.

At Mac Hester Law, we use economic tools to make sure that you are paying only what you need to pay and not a penny more. If you have been injured and are ready for representation, or you are not sure if you even need a lawyer, give us a call at (970) 493-1866 or use our website contact form.