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Myths About Car Accidents Part 1

In a perfect world, car accidents would never happen. Unfortunately, we do not live in that world. Hundreds of car accidents happen every day and 40,000 deaths from car accidents occurred in 2017 according to the National Safety Council. We at Mac Hester Law are here to stand beside you if you end up needing legal help after an accident.

In our time as car accident lawyers, we have heard many myths about car accidents. These myths cause a lot of harm because they prevent people from getting the help they deserve. Check out the list of untrue things below:

Myth 1: If I Do Not Have Pain Right Away, I Am Fine.

  • Fact: It can take weeks to months for auto accident injuries to manifest themselves. The truth is, the symptoms are not dependable indicators. Additionally, you are not a doctor, so you should not be diagnosing yourself. You need to get yourself checked out.

Myth 2: The Emergency Room Doctor Released Me, So I Am Fine.

  • Fact: The emergency room doctor’s job was to make sure you had no immediate emergency such as a concussion or a broken bone. These doctors are often overwhelmed, and their x-rays will not show soft tissue injuries. You need to visit your health provider.

Myth 3: Many People Fake Injuries In Car Accidents To Get Money.

  • Fact: Believe us, we have experienced first-hand what a hassle getting money from car accidents can be. It is too much hassle for the average person. If you are worried that you have run into a criminal or con artist, rest assured that Mac Hester Law will partner with your insurance company to make sure you are protected.

If you have been in a car accident, contact the attorneys at Mac Hester Law. We are ready to carefully understand your situation and then do what it takes to get you what you need.