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Westminster Bus Accident Lawyer

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While accidents involving buses may not be quite as common as crashes between cars, bus accidents do happen in Colorado and can cause devastating damage to all involved. Even at low speeds, a passenger jostled from their bus seat into a nearby window, for example, may suffer broken bones, ligament damage, traumatic brain injuries, and various other harms.

Filing suit against the entity responsible for the transportation collision can be challenging on your own, but a skilled Westminster bus accident lawyer could help you through every step of your case. No matter how your bus wreck occurred, a dedicated personal injury attorney at Mac Hester Law could work with you to pursue full compensation for all your injuries and losses.

Filing Suit Against the Right Party

Depending on the circumstances, different parties could bear liability for a bus accident in Westminster. In many cases, the primarily liable party is the driver of the bus involved in the wreck. If a bus driver drives over the speed limit, fails to obey stoplights or street signs, drives while intoxicated, or acts recklessly or carelessly in some other way, they, and/or their employer could be held responsible for a crash and the injuries that are a direct result of their actions.

Additionally, if a bus driver had a previous record of violating traffic laws or was otherwise unqualified to operate such a large vehicle, the entity that employed them could bear some liability as well.

For example, if a charter bus was to crash, the private company that hired and trained the driver may be liable, whereas a school bus accident could place culpability on the municipal entity responsible for overseeing local public transportation. A Westminster bus wreck representative could offer further details about which specific parties could be held liable in a particular case.

Limitations on Suing for a Bus Crash in Westminster

Like any other personal injury case, it is important for potential plaintiffs to get started on a bus accident case in a timely fashion. According to Colorado Revised Statutes ยง13-80-102, any person seeking compensation following a commercial bus accident in Westminster must file suit within a time limit that can vary from case to case, depending on the circumstances of the accident. A legal advisor could help a plaintiff determine what the time limits for their own bus accident case are.

It is also worth noting that courts in Colorado typically do not allow citizens to file a civil lawsuit against governmental bodies, with only a few exceptions. While a municipal bus crash may fall within one of these exceptions, there are additional requirements a plaintiff must follow to pursue compensation from a government entity.

Specifically, they must notify the government entity of their intent to file suit within 182 days of the date of the accident or the date of discovery of their injuries from the accident, as well as include several pieces of key information. Furthermore, Colorado state law enforces a damage cap of $350,000 for a single person filing suit for a vehicle crash with a working government employee and $900,000 if multiple parties were injured. Qualified legal counsel could provide further assistance with the unique conditions of this type of case.

Speak with a Westminster Bus Accident Attorney Today

Getting in an auto accident is not something anyone expects when going to work or running errands, and especially not when they are using public transportation to do so. Fortunately, if you find yourself in this situation, there is help available.

A Westminster bus accident lawyer could provide assistance with any type of bus crash claim and work with a plaintiff to pursue a positive outcome. Call today to learn more about what could be possible in your situation with the help of Mac Hester Law.

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