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Westminster Bicycle Accident Lawyer

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Since Westminster’s roads and pathways are shared by both bicycles and motor vehicles, riding your bike is not without risk. Motor vehicle/bicycle crashes can happen quickly as a result of inattentive or reckless driving, with the risk that the bicyclist may suffer severe harm.

If you or your loved ones have faced significant physical and financial obstacles that have made recovering from a bicycle accident more difficult, a practiced personal injury attorney could help you move forward. While money does not heal broken bones or restore cognitive function after a crash, a compensation award could help you pay for the necessary treatments to improve those health concerns.

A Westminster bicycle accident lawyer could help you obtain compensation and hold the person whose carelessness caused injury liable for the damage.

Careless Actions Can Lead to Serious Bicycle Crashes

Bicyclists do not have the benefit of the protection that a car or truck affords in a crash. Even when traveling at slow speeds, a cyclist may risk catastrophic harm if a speeding vehicle or large truck collides with them. Despite their utmost caution, bicyclists could find themselves injured if another motorist on the road is not paying attention.

Accidents involving bicyclists can occur if other motorists are:

  • Trying to maneuver around bicyclists without giving them enough space on the road
  • Not looking for bicyclists on the roadway while turning, stopping, or opening their car doors
  • Under the influence of alcoholic beverages or impairing substances
  • Busy texting while driving or using another distracting device

When determining who is responsible for causing a bicycle crash, witnesses who saw the incident happen, photographs and diagrams prepared by law enforcement, and a report by accident reconstruction experts could provide insightful evidence. If a negligent motorist is to blame, an injured bicyclist could file a lawsuit to receive the compensation they may be entitled to. A Westminster bicycle accident lawyer could examine the evidence and build a strong case against those responsible.

Crashes Could Inflict Severe Injuries on Bicyclists

Bicyclists can reduce their risk of severe or fatal injuries by always wearing a helmet and highly visible clothing while biking. However, even the safest riders are still at risk of colliding with other vehicles.

Severe harm can result from bicycling accidents, including traumatic brain injuries and trauma to the spinal cord that can lead to permanent disabilities. Even less severe injuries, such as broken bones or abrasions, can take a toll on a bicyclist’s health and financial conditions. Recovering from such injuries is often time-consuming and expensive. Injured bicyclists may have difficulty returning to full-time work.

Victims who file a lawsuit against the party responsible for their injuries may find that the compensation they receive is enough to pursue necessary medical and rehabilitative treatment and to cover lost wages. A Westminster attorney who is familiar with bicycle crash law may be the best option to help victims pursue a claim and seek adequate compensation.

Contact a Westminster Cyclist Collision Attorney at Mac Hester Law Today

If you or a loved one is facing mounting medical bills or having trouble returning to work after a bicycle accident, a cyclist collision attorney at Mac Hester Law could help you seek compensation to get the care you need. A successful injury lawsuit could require the motorist who caused your injuries to pay monetary compensation to you.

The applicable statute of limitations for your bicycle crash depends upon the circumstances of your crash. For this reason, you or your loved ones should speak with a Westminster bicycle accident lawyer today about pursuing recovery for your injuries and damages.

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