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What Are Excluded Drivers And How Can They Affect You

Excluded drivers is a subject everyone should know about if they drive.

Imagine the following excluded drivers scenario: You’ve been in a car accident involving a teenager. You exchange insurance information, a police report is filled out and you are on your way. After a while, you get a notice from the teenager’s insurance company saying that they won’t cover the accident because he or she was an excluded driver. If anything like this happens to you, your first step should be to contact our car accident lawyer because you may still have a case.

What Exactly Is An Excluded Driver?

When a policyholder takes steps to remove someone in their home from their policy (i.e. Parents want their college student to start paying for their own auto insurance, or parents who have revoked their teen’s driving privileges) or the insurance company may want a troublesome driver to be excluded because they don’t want to have to cancel the policy altogether. If a driver is excluded, the insurance company doesn’t have to cover that driver. This happens all the time and it can be damaging to your auto accident case.

Why An Excluded Driver Isn’t The End Of Your Case.

The insurance company can’t just up and decide to exclude a driver. There are many steps that need to be taken in order to exclude a driver, and it is a highly regularly process that is rarely ever done correctly. The good news for you is that, if the exclusion process wasn’t completed correctly and we find mistakes in the underwriting process, there is a possibility that we will be able to get the insurance company to pay those benefits. This is why it is critical to contact a lawyer immediately if you receive a notice in the mail.