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Three Myths About Recorded Statements

There are many misconceptions in the personal injury realm, and recorded statements can be particularly misunderstood. A recorded statement is the way auto insurance companies get both sides of the accident story. It is common for both your insurance and the opposing party’s insurance to require recorded statements.

Or so they say.

Mac Hester Law is here to clear up some myths about recorded statements and give you the facts.

Recorded Statement Myths

Myth #1: You Must Give A Recorded Statement To The Opposing Insurance Company.

You do not have to give the opposing party’s insurance company anything at all. In fact, with the correct coverage, they are the ones who will give to you – in the form of compensation for damages and injuries. Later in the process, you will have to provide records for proof of an injury linked to the accident, but in the beginning, let your attorney and insurance company communicate with them for you.

Myth #2: You’re Not Allowed To Say “i Don’t Know” To A Question.

Expect insurance adjusters to pressure you to remember things you may not be sure of, such as how fast you were going or how distant you were from the intersection. It is absolutely okay to say “I don’t know” or “I don’t remember” if it is the truth. It is better to say this than give out inaccurate information that may conflict with the opposing driver’s and damage the verity of your case.

Have you fallen for one of these myths or others? Contact Mac Hester Law TODAY!

Myth #3: The Insurance Company Has Your Best Interests In Mind.

There couldn’t be anything farther from the truth. Insurance companies are businesses. They want to spend as little money as they can for the quickest resolution. Your wellbeing or needs are not part of their considerations. Insurance adjusters may act as if they care about you, but they are still after that bottom line. Your only and best ally is a personal injury attorney.

Having the pressure of a recorded statement on top of all the paperwork and details surrounding an accident can be very stressful. Do not handle it alone. Contact Mac Hester Law to take advantage of our personal injury lawyer. We are ready to walk you through the process and make sure nothing gets twisted or distorted.