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Slip And Fall Lawsuit – A Basic Guide

At Mac Hester Law Firm, we have seen many different kinds of slip and fall lawsuits.  However, there are some characteristics that are common to every case. If you have fallen and are proceeding with a claim, here are some things to keep in mind. There are several things to consider with a slip and fall (also called premises liability) situation. We have compiled four common things you need to know.

Slip And Fall Lawsuits – Four Things You Need To Know:

1. Who Was Responsible?

Normally, the owner of the property where you slipped is responsible for your injuries–if the person should have known about the danger or knew about the danger and did nothing about it. If the owner could have reasonably prevented the accident, he or she will be held responsible. This is where a slip and fall lawsuit may be explored. Otherwise, if the owner had warning signs posted, he or she cannot be held responsible in a slip and fall lawsuit.

2. The Need For Evidence.

If you are going to file a claim, you will need evidence, such as photos, from the property that proves the unsafe conditions. Testimonies from anyone who saw you fall should be gathered. Any evidence to prove that the owner knew about the unsafe conditions and did nothing about it will also be very helpful to your case.

3. Don’t File A Claim Alone.

The slip and fall lawsuit filing process can be extremely frustrating and difficult without the assistance of a slip and fall attorney. Evaluating damages and calculating the value of an accident is complicated and requires you to manage medical costs, ongoing recovery expenses, wages lost, and any other costs of living with your injuries. Additionally, property owners accused of responsibility will do everything they can to put the responsibility on you. Having someone with experience on your side will make your situation much easier.

4. File In The Correct Amount Of Time.

In Colorado, you have two years to file a slip and fall claim, but that doesn’t mean you can sit back and relax. Be proactive – collect your medical costs, your evidence, and stay closely in touch with your attorney.

Slip And Fall Lawsuit – What To Do If You Have A Question

The key with these difficult cases is to be patient and keep your ducks in a row. This is why we suggest you contact a professional who has answered several specific questions in slip and fall cases. We at Mac Hester Law offer insight which might help you find some of the answers to your questions. Contact us today with any questions about slip and fall lawsuits.