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Personal Injury Lawsuit – Are You Eligible To File A Case?

Have you ever talked with a friend about a situation you were in and thought, “Can I sue for that?” As a personal injury lawyer, I have been asked this question several times and I thought about how to give an overview on whether someone is eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit. I will cover this a little more below, I assume you know a basic understanding of personal injury law, if not that is quite alright. I would be happy to talk with you about it if you think you have a claim.

Personal Injury Lawsuit – Who Can File One?

If you’ve had an accident or been injured because of someone else’s negligence, then it is possible that you could collect compensation to help cover your medical costs or time away from work. However, not every injured person is eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit, so how do you know if turning to a personal injury lawyer is the right option for you? We have come up with the following guide to help clear things up for you:

  • When did the injury occur? – If your injury occurred because of negligence, the statute of limitations in Colorado is two years (three years if an automobile was involved). It is always a good idea to file as soon as possible, but if it beyond the statute of limitations, it is too late to file a lawsuit. If you file your lawsuit right after the injury occurred, you will have more credibility.
  • Do you have a valid claim? – In order for a claim to be valid, you have to have a reasonable grievance and there must be a party or a person who is clearly at fault. In other words, your claim must be able to be settled through the legal process.
  • Have you sustained a true injury? – An example of a true injury: Slipping on a wet floor that has no sign and breaking your leg. If you don’t have a true injury, you don’t have a case.

Personal Injury Lawsuit – Are You Eligible To File A Case?

If you feel that you are eligible to file a lawsuit for your injury or you need help determining eligibility, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away!