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Personal Injury Law – Do I Have Claim?

If you’ve recently been injured, in an auto accident for example, and there is another party involved, you may wonder if you have a claim. Some people have heard the terms “claim” and “lawsuit” thrown around in personal injury law. But, how do you know which one you have if you don’t know the difference? Do they both need a personal injury lawyer? In this blog, we’ll discuss claims. To learn more about lawsuits, check back for our blog here. To discuss your case with an expert, call Mac Hester Law. We have helped several clients with personal injury claims due to car accidents, accidents in the home(premises liability), slip and falls, and many other unique cases.

Personal Injury Law And Filing A Claim

A claim is made against an insurance company, not the person directly involved. If your claim adds up to over a few thousand, you should seriously consider hiring a lawyer. Also, if there is any question, whatsoever, about who is at fault, you will want to hire a lawyer.

When To Consult A Personal Injury Lawyer.

  • If you are seriously injured – especially to the point of missing current and possibly future work
  • Before you file a claim – a lawyer can help you craft you claim so that the insurance company will be more likely to pay you the claim.

A lawyer can help you figure out what your claim should be, what your current costs are, and what you future cost and or loss of income may be. An insurance company will always try to get you to lower your claim and or will try to not pay out at all.

Services A Personal Injury Layer Will Provide

  • Discuss how much you are eligible for will depend on the injury.
  • Craft a demand letter for you to submit to the right outlets
  • determine if you can collect for emotional pains as well, a lawyer can help you figure out how much these should be.