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Personal Injury Law 101

Personal injury law varies from state to state, and you need to file your case in the state, preferably the county, where the incident occurred. This blog will cover injury law as it stands in Colorado. If you’ve recently had something happen to you where you were injured, and you are looking at hiring a personal injury lawyer, you may have a lot of questions about filing a case. We hope we can answer a few of your questions in our blog series.

First Things First – The Who, What And Where Of Personal Injury Law

  • A personal injury case is not a criminal case, meaning the police and the prosecutor are not involved.
  • Instead, personal injury cases are civil cases; there will be a plaintiff and a defendant.
  • The plaintiff is you, the person filing a claim against the other party.
  • The defendant can be an individual person, a business or an institution.
  • You have to file a case within a certain amount of time. This is called the Statute of Limitations. For most personal injury cases, the statute of limitations is 2 years.

What Can You Win In A Personal Injury Case?

  • Some of the things you can sue for in a personal injury case include:
  • Prescription medication costs
  • Doctor fees
  • Physical therapy fees
  • Loss of past and future income
  • Property damage
  • Loss of personal property
  • Punitive damages.

Personal Injury Law – Other

Personal injury law also has other players like the insurance companies and the general public. The general public, people like you and me, purchase insurance for several different reasons. One of the reasons we have personal injury law is when an insurance company does not live up to their end of the contract. We actually have a few blog posts about different areas where the insurance company may act in their best interest and not policy holders.

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