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Now Is The Season For Ice-related Slip And Falls Injuries 1/2

Why A Post About Ice-related Slip And Falls?

With snow falling nearly weekly, there is enough black ice around to make even the most steady walker wobble and slip. Ice-related slip and falls can occur with even the smallest amount of ice on a sidewalk or driveway. However, Ice isn’t the only cause of slip and fall accidents; other reasons include:

  • loose carpet that trips you up,
  • uneven flooring,
  • lack of marking on elevation changes in flooring,
  • inadequate lighting,
  • wet or slippery inside floor,
  • unmarked holes or wells,
  • and sidewalks that are ill-maintained and are uneven or have gaps.

This time of year, however, snow and ice are one of the main causes, so we will discuss this type of ice-related slip and falls before moving on to types of injuries commonly sustained in a fall.

Fort Collins Snow Removal

According to Fort Collins ordinances, snow and ice must be removed by the time 24 hours has passed from accumulation. This means from the time the snow stops, the owner of the property has 24 hours to clear the sidewalks.

Injuries From Ice-related Slip And Falls

If you’ve fallen on snow or ice that was not removed in a timely manner, you may have experienced an injury. In our next blog, we will discuss specific injuries you may experience as a result of a slip and fall accident. It is very important, no matter your injury, to seek medical attention as soon as possible after a slip-and-fall accident occurs, especially any ice-related slip and falls. It is important so that you can heal properly, but also so that you have good documentation of your injuries. If you have experienced a fall and you think that you may have a personal injury casecontact Mac Hester Law for a free evaluation.