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Myths About Car Accidents: Part 2

There are many misconceptions surrounding car accidents and what one should do. At the mac Hester Law in Northern Colorado, our accident attorneys are very familiar with these misconceptions. We have put together a list that will hopefully open your eyes. This is the second in our series on Myths About Car Accidents.

Here is the continuation of our series.

Myth 4: If I See A Doctor Or Have To Bill My Insurance, It Will Go Up.

  • Fact: Insurance only goes up for you if you were at fault … and then, only if your insurance decides to do so. By law, your rates cannot go up if you are not at fault. Even if the other party is not insured, your rates will not go up if you are not at fault. Do not confuse a car accident with driving points on your record (tickets/accidents you caused).

Myth 5: Children Are So Flexible, They Do Not Often Get Hurt In Car Accidents.

  • Fact: Your child can injured just as easily as you. Oftentimes, children will not complain, and adults mistake that for being fine. Make sure you and yourchild get the same check after an accident.

Myth 6: The Car Was Hardly Damaged, So It’s Unlikely Anyone Was Injured.

  • Fact: Do not make a direct relationship between car damage and human damage. Even a small impact can cause serious injury because factors like position of drive, age, genetics, body size, health and more all add up in unique result for everyone involved.

Did We Miss A Myth You Know About?

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