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Indoor Slip and Fall Facts

When people think about slip and fall cases, they often think about icy sidewalks or driveways. These are examples of outdoor slip and fall accidents. However, slip and fall cases often happen indoors as well. Indoor slip and fall accidents are different from outdoor slip and fall accidents in many ways. As a property owner or as a guest, it is important to be aware of indoor conditions that can lead to indoor slip and fall lawsuits. We have compiled a list of circumstances in which a property owner can be held responsible for indoor slip and fall injuries.

3 Critical Aspects Of Indoor Slip And Fall Accident Cases

1. Srairs

  • A handrail is broken or missing
  • Debris (dirt, trash, etc) is on the stairs
  • One of more of the steps is so worn it has a rounded edge
  • The stairs lack a non-slip surface or have been polished/waxed

2. Escalators And Elevators

  • The mechanism makes sudden or unexpected movements
  • Clothing, fingers, footwear, etc get caught in the machinery

3. Floors

  • Inadequate barriers around a wet or damp floor
  • Inadequate warnings about floors being cleaned, damp, or wet
  • Using too much wax/polish
  • Applying wax/polish unevenly
  • Treating only part of the floor, creating major differences in surface
  • Applying wax/polish to a slope
  • Failing to use non-skid products when they are required

If you have fallen indoors due to any of these conditions, you need to call Mac Hester Law today. We have experienced outdoor and indoor slip and fall attorneys, and we are ready to make sure you are repaid for whatever injuries you may have suffered. Even if you are not sure if conditions were bad enough to hold the owner responsible, you can still consult with us. It is always a good idea to hear from an attorney even if you decide not to pursue a case.

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