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The Importance Of Photos For Your Slip And Fall Case

In a slip and fall case, or any case for that matter, there is a whole lot of “he said, she said,” but not a lot of actual evidence, which can make the whole thing a lot harder for both you and your slip and fall attorney. Luckily, if you carry a smartphone around with you like most, you have a very powerful tool to collect real evidence right in your pocket! You can talk until you are blue in the face, but nothing you say will be as believable as a photo. When it comes to slip and fall cases, pictures really are worth a thousand words!

What Should You Take Pictures Of In A Slip And Fall Case?

Any picture can help your case, but there are a few specific pictures that are critical to take right after the slip and falls accident occurs:

  • Noticeable injuries – If you have bruises, scrapes or any other noticeable injury right after your fall, make sure that you photograph them right away!
  • Trip hazards – Trip hazards are easy to correct quickly, so it is important to capture them on film as soon as possible.
  • Spills – Spills, just like trip hazards, are easily remedied, so take a photo immediately after your accident.
  • Clean up – Take a photo of employees cleaning up the spill or trip hazard.
  • Witnesses – Photograph any witnesses that were present during the accident. Make sure you get their permission first.
  • Any forms that you have to fill out – If you are asked to fill out any forms after you accident, ask for a copy. If they refuse to give you a copy, take a photo of the form!

It is important to note that slip and fall cases are housed under the premises liability aspect of Colorado law. At Mac Hester Law we have worked on several cases of premises liability and are well versed in the law.

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