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Getting Your Insurance Company To Pay

Having trouble getting your insurance company to pay?

When you’ve been in a car accident, even if it wasn’t your fault, you may have a hard time getting your insurance company to pay. No matter what company you go through for your car insurance, their goal will be the same — to pay as little as possible. In a previous blog, we mentioned the importance of contacting a car accident lawyer. This is especially important when you are having trouble dealing with your insurance company. Sadly, this is a common problem because many insurance companies pull out every excuse in the book in order to avoid paying.

Get Your Insurance Company To Pay By Overcoming Their Common Excuses

Common excuses to watch out for:

  • You’re partially at fault for your accident. Even if you aren’t at fault, it is common for insurance companies to claim that you are to get out of paying.
  • You’ve had multiple collisions in the past. Just because you’ve had accidents in the past doesn’t mean that the insurance company can automatically deny your claims.
  • Your car already had issues that needed to be repaired.Your insurance company may claim that your car had worn tires or a burnt out tail light. In most cases, however, your car’s defects can only affect your claim if they contributed to the accident.
  • You could have avoided the collision by reacting faster. This is a common excuse that the other driver’s insurance company might use to insinuate you should have foreseen the accident. It is less likely to actually work if you have the right representation. Mac Hester Law can assist you in these cases. Contact our office today if you think this has occurred to you.

Want to learn about more common excuses insurance companies will make in order to avoid paying? Look for our other posts on excuses the insurance company will make here. If you have any other concerns or questions, please feel free to respond to this post.