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Common Myths About Personal Injury Attorneys: Part 1

If you’ve been involved in an accident, a personal injury attorney can be a powerful ally. Many people avoid hiring attorneys because they are scared off by myths about them. In part one of this two-part series, we will debunk common misconceptions and myths about personal injury attorneys. Find part two here.

Are any of the following myths about personal injury attorneys holding people back from the resolution they deserve?

Myth About Personal Injury Attorneys 1: They Only Want Big Settlements

  • FACT: As experts in their fields, personal injury attorneys know that your chances of getting a fair settlement are very low without legal representation. Insurance companies have legions of lawyers ready to help them keep their money – you don’t really stand a chance against them without a lawyer of your own. Most attorneys just want justice for their clients and will work very hard to make sure they get it. Mac Hester Law is no exception. Getting our clients the fairest settlement for the lowest cost is our mission!

Myth About Personal Injury Attorneys 2: You Don’t Need An Attorney For A Small Injury Claim

  • FACT: We would agree, except that we’ve seen too many “small” injuries grow worse with time. It is hard to know the absolute nature of your injury until weeks after it occurs. If you decide to forgo a personal injury attorney, you may regret it later. Take the time to consider what it would cost you if your injury revealed itself to be more complicated before you decide to proceed on your own.

Myth About Personal Injury Attorneys 3: Personal Injury Attorneys Are No Fun

  • FACT: Mac Hester is cool! Check out his story, and look at our website photos of him rock climbing, and riding his road bike and motorcycle. See? That’s one fun attorney!

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