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Common Excuses You May Hear From Your Insurance Company

Why Do You Need An Accident Attorney For Your Car Accident?

Have you had a chance to read our latest blog yet? If you have, then you already know that your insurance company will make any excuse that they can in order to avoid paying your claim. Having an experienced accident lawyer on your side will not only give you your best chance for getting the biggest claim, but it will also help you to avoid jumping through all of those stressful hoops that your insurance company might put you through.

Common Excuses Insurance Companies Will Make To Get Out Of Paying:

  • There is no indication that you were in pain on the police report – Soft tissue injuries from an auto accident are often not fully realized until a few days after the accident has taken place, but insurance companies will try to make you believe that, because there is no mention of any pain on your police report, you don’t have a valid claim.
  • You have complained about different things to your family doctor than to the ER staff – As we mentioned before, it may take some time for you to fully feel all of the effects of your accident, so this excuse is completely unfounded.
  • The damage to your vehicle is too minimal – Many insurance companies will try to bully you into dismissing your claim if your vehicle has only sustained minimal damage.
  • Your injuries didn’t require an MRI, x-rays, etc. – Different doctors will have different treatment plans, and you shouldn’t be penalized for following your doctor’s advice!

What To Do When An Insurance Company Uses One Of These Excuses

We have gone over several excuses that insurance companies will make to get out of paying, but there are many more that we haven’t covered. If your insurance company is making excuses, contact Mac Hester Law as soon as possible!