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Westminster Dog Bite Lawyer

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Dog bites and dog attacks can be traumatizing events that leave victims with disfiguring or life-threatening injuries. The physical pain victims experience combined with the mental trauma can take a considerable amount of time to recover from. Moreover, the incident can demand significant sums of money to cover medical bills and lost wages.

Dog owners assume responsibility for their pets’ actions when they make it a part of their family. Owners who ignore their dogs’ aggressive tendencies or allow their dogs to roam at will can be held liable for the actions of their pet. A Westminster dog bite lawyer could assist victims with securing the compensation they require following an injury.

Colorado’s Dog Bite Statute Imposes Strict Liability for Owners

Colorado’s law concerning dog bites is a strict liability statute holding owners responsible for harm caused by their dogs. It is not required of injury victims to show that the owner knew their animals were capable of attacking anyone. The attack alone is enough for the animals’ owner to be held civilly liable for compensating the victims for their injuries.

Victims must have suffered serious bodily injury or death as the result of a dog bite to be eligible for monetary and medical benefits under this strict liability statute. Serious bodily injuries include injuries that:

  • Are life-threatening
  • Leave permanent scarring or disfigurement
  • Damage or cause the loss of a bodily function

If a bite victim does not suffer serious bodily injury from the attack, they may not be able to obtain any compensation at all, except under traditional negligence principles. Dog owners who are aware or should be aware that their animal is dangerous can be responsible for the damage their animals cause. In this scenario, owners are liable if a judge or jury determines that the owners did not take reasonable measures to restrain or prevent their dog from attacking.

Types of Injuries Associated with Dog Bites

Common injuries arising from a dog bite may include puncture wounds and lacerations from dogs’ sharp teeth and claws. Victims may also suffer from:

  • Bruising or internal bleeding
  • Scars and disfigurement from scratches and bite marks
  • Infections
  • Damage to nerves and tendons

Westminster attorneys can help victims quantify the harm into a satisfactory amount of restitution. Medical bills and lost wages from being unable to return to work immediately may inflict financial hardships upon dog bite victims. They may require physical therapy services and counseling for the mental trauma, as well. They may also be incapable of returning to their daily routine due to fear of another animal attack. All of these losses could be recovered for a victim utilizing the services of a Westminster dog bite attorney.

Speak with a Westminster Animal Attack Attorney About Your Case

There are limitations to the liability statute that may apply to your case. These limitations may reduce the amount of compensation you can receive or prevent you from receiving any compensation at all. It could be to your benefit, therefore, to consult with a Westminster dog bite lawyer about the unique facts of your case to learn if any of these limitations apply to you.

The burden of finding ways to pay heavy medical bills and other expenses following a dog bite does not have to be yours to bear alone. You may be able to receive financial compensation for the suffering you have endured. An animal attack attorney at Mac Hester Law could provide you with more information about the civil recovery process.

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