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Westminster Paralysis Injury Lawyer

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Accidents that leave you with a lasting injury in the form of paralysis can be devastating in every way. The invariable consequences of such a severe injury mean that a victim will most likely need to change some part of their life to cope with the limited mobility.

If the accident which caused this severe injury could have been prevented if not for another’s careless or intentional actions, a victim may have recourse under Colorado law. A Westminster paralysis injury lawyer could evaluate your case and advise you about what options you could have for pursuing an insurance settlement or filing a lawsuit.

A catastrophic injury attorney at Mac Hester Law could advocate for you or your loved one’s medical and financial needs in hopes of obtaining a favorable resolution to your case.

Understanding Paralysis Injuries

Paralysis is an injury that entails the loss of muscle function in one or a group of muscles, coupled with sensory loss and reduced motor functioning. This severe disability is usually caused by damage to a critical part of the nervous system, particularly to the spinal cord. However, sometimes a stroke or some other trauma resulting in nerve damage may be the cause. There are two different types of paralysis:


This type of paralysis impairs sensory or mobility from the waist down. Damage to the spinal cord injury or congenital conditions is usually responsible. Paraplegia may occur when something damages the nerves in the lower part of the spinal cord. It may manifest as spastic paralysis, in which muscles spasm involuntarily, or by flaccid paralysis, where muscles are limp and devoid of motor function.


Quadriplegia paralysis, also known as tetraplegia, results in partial or total loss of the use of a person’s arms, legs, and middle-body organs. Generally, victims of this kind of paralysis experience both loss of sensation and control. Quadriplegia is caused primarily by injury to the cervical (neck) area of the spinal cord. In addition, loss of movement of the torso may have additional complications such as reduced functioning of the digestive, sexual, bladder, and breathing systems. People afflicted with quadriplegia are also more susceptible to circulatory and cardiac issues, pressure sores, bone deterioration, and respiratory complications.

Establishing Fault in Catastrophic Injury Case

In a personal injury lawsuit, to obtain damages, an injured person has to establish that another party was responsible for their injuries. There is an exception to this fault requirement in some instances, such as an on-the-job injury covered by workers’ compensation.

In most other cases, Westminster paralysis accident lawyers bring cases under the theory of legal negligence. This doctrine holds people or entities accountable for the harm they have caused others by failing to adhere to their duty of care. Other cases involve injuries from a dangerous condition on the premises.

For example, consider a person who suffers a paralytic injury after falling from an improperly railed balcony at an apartment complex. The owner of the building had a duty to ensure that the property was safe and compliant with applicable standards. Still, they failed to ensure that measure of safety by improperly installing or not maintaining the railing. Under these circumstances, the defendant could be liable for their violation of the Colorado Premises Liability Act and be required to compensate the plaintiff for the resulting harm.

Legal subtleties can make people unsure about the correct next step in a personal injury lawsuit. An experienced serious accident legal representative can boost a plaintiff’s chances of receiving recovery by helping them prepare a strong case.

Reach Out to a Westminster Paralysis Injury Attorney Today to Discuss Your Next Step

A person involved in an accident because of another’s careless behavior deserves compensation for the injuries inflicted on them. A paralysis injury is a significant life change that can occur in the blink of an eye on the roadway or in a slip-and-fall accident, yet the consequences are far-reaching and long-lasting.

A Mac Hester Law attorney could help you seek compensation for medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering undergone. The law imposes a time limit for how long you have to file a lawsuit after an accident, so do not hesitate to contact a Westminster paralysis injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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