Bicycle Accidents

Fort Collins, Colorado Bicycle Accident Attorneys

Oftentimes, automobile drivers are not as attentive to bicyclists as they should be, resulting in devastating consequences to the bicyclist as bicycles and helmets provide very limited protection against injury in a car vs. bicycle accident. If you’ve been injured in an automobile/bicycle accident, you need the best bicycle accident attorney in Fort Collins fighting to ensure you’re protected and taken care of.


How Injuries Happen

There are many ways that bicyclists end up getting hit by inattentive or rude motorists, including:

  • Cars turning into the path of a bicycle because the driver did not see an oncoming car
  • Car drivers or passengers opening car doors into the path of oncoming bicycles
  • Cars sideswiping or veering too close to bicycles causing the cyclist to fall
  • Cars veering too close to bicycles causing the mirror to hit the cyclist

Bicycle Accident Claims

Injured bicyclists don’t always get a fair shake after they have been injured in an automobile vs car accident. Many drivers resent bicyclists because they feel that bicyclists disregard traffic rules that they have to follow and slow down traffic. Unfortunately, this attitude is sometimes shared by law enforcement personnel, which can cause issues for bicyclists who are simply seeking justice. Consequently, auto/bike accidents should be swiftly and thoroughly investigated so that accurate evidence can be collected and legally documented.

In order to be certain your bases are covered and that you’re able to recover any medical bills, lost wages, and other damages, it’s imperative to have a knowledgeable, skilled Fort Collins bicycle accident attorney on your side. Sources of coverage and compensation may include the at-fault driver’s liability insurance or the bicyclist’s own Medical Payments (Med Pay) insurance or uninsured/underinsured motorist (UIM) insurance. Hester Personal Injury Law is here to help you rewrite your story for the better.