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Understaffing in Fort Collins Nursing Homes

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Understaffing is one of the most prevalent and dangerous issues facing nursing home residents across the country. The issue of understaffing is not exclusive to low budget facilities. Large profitable nursing homes also face understaffing issues due to poor management or greed. Unfortunately, the result of understaffing can have permanent or fatal consequences for the residents of a facility.

If your loved one has suffered an injury or illness in a nursing home setting, it is possible that understaffing could be to blame. The lack of appropriate staff could lead to illnesses going unnoticed and to nursing home residents injuring themselves while attempting to meet their own needs.

A compassionate personal injury attorney from Mac Hester Law can review your circumstances and advise you on if you have a claim based on understaffing in Fort Collins nursing homes.

Consequences of Understaffing in Long Term Care and Skilled Nursing Facilities

There are many ways understaffing can impact the health and safety of a nursing home or skilled nursing facility resident. When there is a large disparity between the number of nurses on duty and the residents within a facility, it is inevitable that some needs will go unmet. As understaffing increases, the risk of negligent care increases as well.

One of the most common effects of understaffing in a nursing home environment is the risk of slip and fall accidents. Nursing homes are full of residents that need assistance moving from one place to another. Without ready help nearby, many residents attempt to walk on their own. Often, this results in an avoidable fall. In other cases, residents face mobility issues that require the help of more than one nurse. When nurses attempt these maneuvers on their own, it could lead to the dropping of a patient.

Understaffing could also risk hygiene issues for resident. Whether it is the changing of a catheter or bathing, every nursing home resident has their own hygiene requirements. When these go unmet, medical issues like infections can occur.

Bedsores are also a common sign of understaffing. Immobile nursing home residents require rotation from one side of their body to another while lying down. If they lay in the same position for too long, blood could pool beneath their skin and cause bed sores. This skin condition can become serious in short order, so residents must be moved regularly.

Pursuing Legal Action Against Fort Collins Facility Owners

If the care of a specific nursing home resident is substandard, the nurses responsible for that patient may face potential liability for their negligence. However, they are not the only ones who may be responsible. When understaffing is responsible for medical injuries or illnesses, the facility owner or operator could also face liability in a civil action.

Ultimately, it is the job of a Fort Collins owner or operator of the facility to ensure that staffing levels are appropriate. Unfortunately, many facilities cut corners when it comes to staffing to keep their expenses down.

A local nursing home abuse attorney could help build a case against a facility owner based on understaffing. By showing that the amount of staff on duty was unreasonably low, plaintiffs could pursue a negligence claim against both the owner and the management responsible for the staffing decisions.

Let an Attorney Advise You on Understaffing in Fort Collins Nursing Home Claims

Given the potential consequences for understaffing in Fort Collins nursing homes, pursuing legal action is understandable after your loved one has suffered negligent care due to low nursing home staff levels.

Understaffing claims can be complex, especially without experienced legal counsel guiding you. Schedule a call with a dedicated attorney at Mac Hester Law right away to learn more about understaffing claims.

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